“Angus One, by far, is the best vendor we’ve had the pleasure of working with to source contracted staff. They’re the most professional, most service-oriented & most collaborative agency we’ve engaged, to date. The transparent communication and willingness of Angus One to find a solution that meets our needs makes them stand – head and shoulders – above the rest.”
Shaw Cablesystems
Calgary, AB

“The communication from Angus One has been superior to that of other agencies we have worked with in the past, which was beyond our expectations. Professionalism, results and genuine care and concern was the treatment we received. I would not hesitate to recommend Angus One and Templine for any permanent or temporary staffing needs.”
CanElson Drilling Inc.
Calgary, AB

“Many thanks to you for supplying Shaw with an exceptional compliment of Angus One employees for our Back to School events…we feel this year could be Shaw’s most successful yet…! We also want to take a minute to recognize the recruiters that have been working really hard in finding fantastic candidates for the various positions we have at Shaw. Your recruiters have been very professional and a pleasure to work with on our various staffing needs.”
Shaw Cablesystems
Vancouver, BC

“I have to say Angus One is the perfect example of an agency – always happy, cheerful, lovely and willing to help. Never frazzled, or bothered when I cancel at the last minute. You are fantastic on the phone – full of energy, so I wanted to tell you…I love working with you!”

“A very positive and successful interaction. I can’t imagine going anywhere else for recruitment work.”
BCAA Traffic and Safety Foundation

“Skyler has a warm & gracious manner that will take her far. Whenever a staff member interacted with her, they would immediately come over to me to tell me how wonderful she was. Everyone wanted her to stay. Thank you for sending her to us. It was an outstanding fit!!!”
Alzheimer Society

“Angus One has provided excellent service to the BC Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games for all our staffing needs. They were quick to respond to same day requests and provided exactly what we were asking for…on top of this, the temporary help provided by Angus One worked over and above their duties and this is a reflection of the quality people that Angus One provides to its clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Angus One to any employer, as they showed a high level of customer service, including checking in to make sure we were satisfied with the temporary help provided. Angus One provides prompt follow up and post survey evaluations to ensure high customer satisfaction.”
BC Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Secretariat

“The event went flawlessly!! All 12 of the temps completely impressed us. They worked really hard and were a great support to our team.”
Electronic Arts Canada

“You have been a great partner to work with during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. I can’t thank you enough for your patience, but also for the great work Angus One provided. I hope we get to cross paths on another event…!”
Gameday Management Group

“Hiring the right people can be frustrating and time consuming. You have made it as stress free as possible.”
American Investments

“We would like to convey our special, sincere and heartfelt appreciation for Angus One’s most courteous, pleasant and thorough understanding of our recruitment needs. Your response to our request has always been extremely timely and…for every request I have, you put a personal touch in understanding our team’s dynamics and you have been able to fill our staffing needs very quickly with candidates who adapt quickly to our environment. Your superior services always exceed our expectations. We always leave with a strong feeling of a lasting impression that you care, listen and understand our needs. Thank you.”
CRI Canada

“During the short period of time I have been dealing with Angus One it has become apparent that you are superior recruiting specialists who are exceptional at client relations and finds quality candidates. Based on your performance we are going to utilize Angus One as our primary vendor for staffing…”
Ikon Office Solutions


“I recently switched careers, and your company was one of 5 different recruitment firms that I used in my search. I wanted to write to you and express how happy I am with the work your company performed on my behalf. I had serious reservations about some of your competition, but was happy with every step of the way at Angus One. Most of this had to do with your recruiters, who went above and beyond my expectations, and was far more responsive than anyone else I dealt with at your competitors. I can safely say that without your assistance, I would not have ended up at the position I am now happily in. Thank you, and if I should ever require your services again, be assured your company will be the first number I phone.”
D. Kowalchuk

“I want you to know that I have visited many employment agencies in the Lower Mainland recently and I have found your place of business to be the very best I have experienced. The front end of your office completely acknowledges and understands who sits in your Reception area – nervous individuals who are preparing to be interviewed for possibly the break they most want in the world. No matter how much experience you have or how much of an extrovert you are, or how much you may have practiced, it is not easy interviewing for a job! I have never experienced beverages served in Reception, chocolates and the latest reading materials. The view was breathtaking. The Reception staff was very warm. I found myself feeling a lot less stressed. Then I met with your recruiter and I so valued her candor, caring and complete professionalism. She obviously loves what she does and the company she works for. Thank you for caring about the candidates. It says so very much about Angus One and Templine.”
S. Dahl

“I wanted to do a follow up and let you know how thrilled I am at my new job! The people here are fantastic and I love the variety of work. I feel very well matched to this position. You are incredibly intuitive and obviously you were meant to do what you’re doing! I do not hesitate to refer people who are thinking of a career change to you!”
K. Rainville

“Angus One is as good as it gets!”
F. Thomas

“I want to thank you so much for all your support and positive feedback. Your thoroughness and knowledge of the positions and constant communication has helped make my decision clear and with conviction. Angus One has truly been professional throughout the process. I am truly thankful; you have given me a great start in Vancouver!”
C. Whalen

“I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for your help in finding me work placements this year. I am flying home to Australia on Monday. It’s been a pleasure working for Angus One and all the companies I’ve temped for. I met some great people and had some interesting and fun assignments. All in all it was an ideal way to live, work and experience Canada, so thank you for that opportunity. Best wishes to each of you with your careers and lives.”
E. Bell

“I am currently working as a temporary associate for Templine and started back in 2007 when I was last living in Vancouver. Since returning I have had the pleasure of liaising with the team again, who have been wonderful in seeking and matching fantastic job opportunities for me. Whilst I have always been impressed with the respectful way all staff have treated candidates, I wanted to bring attention particularly to the payroll team. In the numerous times I have dealt with them, they have been nothing but warm and friendly and willing to help in any way. They are totally professional and have made a conscious effort to always remember my name and greet me when I come into the office, and ensures that my experience in dealing with the agency is always a pleasant one. I am often asked by people if I would recommend Angus One for clients as well as candidates and having worked for other agencies, what sets Angus apart from others is the respectful way in which you treat us, your temporary employees. I hope that you can pass on my appreciation of your recruiters and payroll team to the rest of management.”
M. Simm

“I really appreciate how comfortable you made me feel in a situation I have not experienced in over fifteen years – unemployed! …you enjoy empowering people and you really made me feel that way. I look forward to working with you.”
D. McBeth

“I just finished your 27 tough interview questions and I have to say, upon first looking at this daunting list I wanted to go and hide my head under the pillow and weep! However, after having gone through and answered these questions, I must tell you how much I appreciate you giving me this list and how beneficial it has been to explore all this information about myself. In my previous job, I interviewed many people for positions and I was always the one asking these questions – never answering them – so it has been quite an eye opener to sit down and actually scrutinize ME. The questions are very thought provoking and normally people don’t scrutinize themselves that much so it has been a wonderfully enlightening experience. I didn’t need that pillow after all!”
S. Stillman

“I was honoured to work for Templine and I gave the best of myself to reach their high standards. It sure feels good to be appreciated. It was a great adventure and I will never forget the incredible experiences and the knowledge I gathered during the period I worked for Templine. This will always be a part of me and accompany me everywhere. I want to thank my recruiter who was my mentor and guided me along the way. She believed in me and I am happy to have pleased her.”
M. Necchi

“AngusOne, by far, is the best vendor we've had the pleasure of working with to source contracted staff. They're the most professional, most service-oriented & most collaborative agency we've engaged, to date.”


“A very positive and successful interaction.”

“The event went flawlessly!! All 12 of the temps completely impressed us.”

EA Canada

“Professionalism, results and genuine care and concern was the treatment we received. I would not hesitate to recommend AngusOne and Templine for any permanent or temporary staffing needs.”


“...Superior recruiting specialists who are exceptional at client relations and finds quality candidates.”