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Temporary or Contract Employment

Temporary and contract employment from Templine is an effective and fulfilling alternative to full time employment. As part of your job search strategy or as a lifestyle choice, you can work when and where you want. Whether you are a world traveler residing in Vancouver on a work visa, a local resident exploring different career options or you simply enjoy the flexibility of choosing when and where to work, being a Templine “temp” or “contract employee” can secure you a position with our pre-qualified employer clients, quickly and easily. Often, Templine employees are offered full time employment through our “temp to perm” option, which gives both sides the opportunity to try out the business relationship, before making a full time commitment.

Permanent Employment

Immediately increase your exposure to Canada’s top companies using our permanent division. Through our relationships with established companies, our recruiters navigate around the frustrating application process that job seekers experience. By applying with us, your chances of finding employment increase dramatically and we take the hassle out of the job search.

AngusOne Advantage

Founded in 86


We are a BC owned employment agency serving the professional recruitment needs of Greater Vancouver Area business communities.

One-stop source

We provide Temp, Perm, Temp to Perm, Contract and Search services. One-stop source of recruitment services through our Vancouver and office.

#1 in Western Canada

Strongly considered Vancouver's Employment Agency, it is an honour and a privilege to serve and support the communities in which we live, work and play.