While the jobs market may be flourishing, there are still so many of us that are reluctant to switch jobs. The thoughts of having to give your employer your notice can seem quite daunting and sometimes our minds can conjure up irrational thoughts.

Follow your gut and do what you think is best for you and your future. If you are currently experiencing the below sure-tell signs, then it’s time to make that change!

1. You dislike the thoughts of going to work.

Granted, we all go through periods where work can seem extra stressful. Its natural to experience ups and downs but if you are feeling the downs more than the ups then its time to re-evaluate things! Sundays shouldn’t be filled with anxious thoughts of the impending Monday nor should you feel uneasy as soon as you arrive at the front door of work.

2. When talking about your work, you find you are full of complaints.

When a conversation strikes up with a friend or family member about work, do you find you have a lot of negative things to say about your job? It’s not healthy to be in an atmosphere where you are unhappy – especially since we spend the large part of our day at work.

3. There is no room for progression.

Have you been stuck in the same job where there is no room for advancement? Have you been doing the same responsibilities for the last number of years and not growing your skillset? If so, it may be time to jump ship so you can learn and develop.

4. There is no work-life balance

Missing out on family occasions or special events with friends due to work commitments can get irritating. If you find yourself consistently having to miss out on time with family or friends or you dread the thought of having to request annual leave, then maybe it’s time to make the move.

5. Your health is suffering.

Have you been noticing that you have had an increase in the number of sick days you have taken at work? Or maybe you just generally feel ‘burnt out’ and unwell? If you are working late, commuting long hours and eating unhealthy food to conveniently fit lunch around your work, your health will suffer.

6. The Company Culture is not a fit for you.

Company cultures can differ drastically from one organization to the next. For example, if you have kids and find that remote access would be a huge benefit to you, then an office that is stringent on being in the office from 9-5 isn’t going to work for you. Think about your lifestyle and what may suit you best.