Your body language during the interview process can be just as important as what you say. Carrying yourself with confidence always makes a lasting impression on the interviewer. Check out our 5 tops tips below on how you can work on your body language and ace your interview!


1. Practice your handshake

It sets the tone of the interview. Your handshake is proven to make a significant impact on how the interviewer reads and perceives you. A firm handshake is good to demonstrate confidence and assurance.


2. Consider your posture

Ensure you sit back straight in your seat and avoid slouching. Slouching can give the impression that you are not taking the interview process seriously. Leaning slightly forward in the interview will show you are engaged but don’t lean forward too much – the interviewer needs their personal space! Keep your arms uncrossed as crossed arms can make you appear defensive and less approachable.


3. Making eye contact

Making eye contact throughout your interview is very important. The trick with eye contact is balance. Maintain eye contact when you are listening and answering a question but break it every now and again. Too much eye contact can come across as aggressive where as too little eye contact can make you appear untrustworthy. Keep it natural – just like talking to a friend.


4. Don’t fidget

This can be easier said than done as most of us have nervous energy built up before and during the interview. Fight the tendencies to fidget such as moving your hands rapidly, shaking your leg, scratching etc. It can appear unprofessional. Focus on the question and the conversation that is the outcome of the question.


5. Engage

Nodding throughout the interview shows that you are enthusiastic about the job. Again – balance is key. Too much nodding can be a distraction. Smiling throughout the interview shows your warmth and interest in the role – enjoy the process.