Seeking job opportunities but daunted by the task of updating your resume/creating one from scratch? Here at AngusOne Staffing, we have dealt with thousands of candidates over our many years in business, so we know a thing or two about resume writing! We have included our top tips on resume writing below which you should consider when applying for various opportunities.


Factual Information

Your resume should include factual information including your personal details, your educational and professional experience as well as your employment history and any key skills or attributes.


Resume Length

Keep it short and concise and highlight the most important aspects of your career to date. Don’t be afraid to delete any ‘’fluff’’, use bullet points where applicable and keep sentences to one line. The rule of thumb is to keep your resume at a length of 2-3 pages.


Adapt your Resume

If there is a particular opportunity you are applying for, then make sure to adapt your resume accordingly. Highlight any skills that make you suitable for this role.


Resume Order

A greater focus should be placed on your most recent positions and your career history should be presented in chronological order.


Spelling and Grammar

Spelling and grammar – It may seem trivial, but this is a really important one. Even something as small as a typo can create a negative impression in the mind of the reader – always proofread your resume and if you are unsure, enlist a friend to help you.


Including a Career Profile

If you have a substantial amount of experience/ several years of experience, then including a career profile at the top of your resume will help to summarize your career history, objectives and professional achievements.Ensure that the dates of all your career history are accurate.


If you have any queries around resume writing, then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 604-682-8367 or email