Choosing to venture down the temp route has become a popular choice for many and has its advantages in the current market. Offering flexibility is a benefit that appeals to many of our temps here at AngusOne Staffing that have various commitments outside of the normal work flow.

Sarah Karkouch (aka Sarah Eské), is one example of our many talented temps. Born in Vancouver, Sarah is an R&B singer who recently gained a lot of international attention which has led to a successful singing career. Working with AngusOne Staffing has allowed Sarah to concentrate on her passion while also allowing her to work professionally, building her skills and keeping her resume relevant.

See how talented Sarah is here.

If, like Sarah, you are an individual who requires flexibility in order to balance life ventures such as personal commitments, children or hobbies etc. then temping with AngusOne Staffing may be an option for you!

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Other benefits to temping include:

  • Keeping your resume up to date – ensuring your resume is relevant is super important in the jobs market and helps to fill any potential ‘gaps’
  • Choice – you have an opportunity to sample several employers in your industry by taking on a series of different assignments in a variety of sectors. Temp roles also usually only require 1-2 weeks’ notice, so you can keep looking for a more long-term role while earning money.
  • Trial run – there are many temp opportunities that lead to permanent positions. Give yourself a trial run so you are better informed to accept a more permanent position if you like the company.
  • Builds your professional network – temp work allows you to build your professional network which may lead to opportunities in the future.

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